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We are team that understands brands and it’s people. A link between the client, the product and the consumer.  A Team of individuals who  are more than just brand managers: An organization that will be the eyes and ears on the streets, the shaker and the mover, the creator and builder of experiences.  One who understand the target market and the best way to get their attention. A Team that treats and care for each brand as though it were ours. We take personal pride from the success of the brands and the services we provide.

We strive to be the first handshake for the brand with consumers and customers alike. A Team that loves working and engaging with people, and introducing each brand to its target market in the most innovative and rewarding way possible – using diverse communication and platforms.


Albatross MARKETING aims to be the best Marketing services company in South Africa. While this is a simple goal, it is one that takes a great deal of time, and even more hard work, to achieve. It centres on where we see ourselves in the future and where we see our clients; we measure our success by the success of our clients.

The vision of Albatross MARKETING largely revolves around bringing a new standard of quality and work ethic to the online marketing industry. We see ourselves as innovators and disruptors, and every department and employee in our company reflects this. We envision ourselves bringing more to our clients than just revenue, although this is our primary goal. We want to create lasting relationships with our clients and help them to be the visionaries and trend-setters in their own fields and industries.


We strive to be the first handshake for the brand with consumers and customers alike. A Team that loves working and engaging with people and introducing each brand to its target market in the most innovative and rewarding way possible using diverse communication and platforms.

Our Marketing, Design, Digital and Events departments are built on innovation, expertise, experience and commitment. From strategy to execution, we go the distance and will work with our clients to develop great ideas. In everything we do, we strive to offer our clients value for money and an alluring vision of their future.


Albatross MARKETING is a proud member of its parent company Albatross GROUP conceived in 2016 through remarkable partnerships and associations with the aim of providing more inclusive solutions for our clients and setting a standard in the marketing industry


Our ultimate mission is to offer outstanding Marketing services in South Africa to businesses of any size and in any industry, and we want to be the best at it. Through our unrivalled service offering, we will draw in more leads for our clients, and enable them to turn those leads into revenue. It is with these goals in mind that we build our company. We can only claim to be the best in the industry if we can back up this title with people who are leaders in their fields.

Muhammed Abdool Carrim
Sani Fleet
National Sales Manager

“Albatross Marketing is very knowledgeable in the sales and marketing. I love the approach they bring to problems. I have always felt that the people at albatross marketing were part of our team. To this day, that is a huge differentiator. The personal relationships I developed with the team were key. Not only did we work harder and propel the business forward, but we made friendships along the way as well.”

Koos Visser
Orange River Cellars
GM Marketing

“Albatross Marketing has been critical in the growth of our ‘new brand building’ capabilities, especially in a part of our business where we were trying to go from one brand to another very quickly. The company is filled with great strategists who happen to operate in a marketing realm. The Albatross Marketing thinking transcends marketing and that has had much greater impact.”

Andrew Burns
ESQ (Esquire)

“I think very highly of Albatross Marketing. The relationship I have with them is probably the best relationship I’ve ever had with an external advisor and external partner. You understand the issues of brand and the importance of putting the customer at the center. And you don’t just say it; you actually understand it and how everything connects to deliver on that promise. Albatross Marketing brings a balanced, outside perspective.”

Pume Watson
Business Development Director

Pume provides management oversight on brand and marketing strategy. As our resident fashionista and natural born sales woman, Pume uses her years of experience in business development to gauge marketing and brand goals and easily decipher success points for every campaign and relationship.

Marcia Ngwenya
Admin Director

Every company needs an organisational genius and for us that person is Marcia. She is the glue that holds The Albatross Group together and her 10 years of experience in corporate administration allows her to manage key operational processes with ease.

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